Scientific commitee

The members of the scientific and editor in chefs help the director to ensure the highly and strictly scientific character of the publications and therefore of the review itself. They evaluate the research works sent to the review and advise the director their publications, the necessary corrections to be pointed out to the authors for publication purposes or eventual rejection of the manuscripts.

A. AARAB, Tanger, Morocco
T. AGASSOUNON, Abomey-calvin, Benin
A.G.B.AZEBAZE, Douala, Cameroun
B. BENCHARKI, Settat, Morocco
T. BENHADDA, Oujda, Morocco
A. H. BENATEYA, Alger, Algeria
N. BENKERROUM, Rabat, Morocco
A. BOUALI, PES, Oujda, Morocco
A. BOULARBAH, Marrakech, Morocco
A. CHAFI, PES, Oujda, Morocco
A. CHAHLAOUI, Meknes, Morocco
H. ELHALOUANI, Oujda, Morocco
N. SH. EL-GENDY, Cairo, Egypt
A. T. ELARAKI, Casablanca, Morocco
A. FOUZI, Rabat, Morocco
N. GMIRA, Kénitra, Morocco
J. HAFID, Marrakech, Morocco
N. KARAM, Oran, Algeria
A. KHALID, Oujda, Morocco
H. LATRACHE, Benimellal, Morocco
R. MIMOUNI, Agadir, Morocco
M. MIMOUNI, Oujda, Morocco
K. MOKHTARI, Oujda, Morocco
D. MEZRIOUI, Marrakech, Morocco
M.L. MERROUN, Granada, Spain
M. My. ENNAJI, Mohammadia, Morocco
A. IBRAHIMI, Rabat, Morocco
T. SAVARD, Saint-Hyacinthe, Canada
M. SBAA, PES, Oujda, Morocco
M. SAID, Oujda, Morocco
A. SOUKRI, Casablanca, Morocco
M. TCHIBOZO, Abomey, Benin
Y. OUHDOUCH, Marrakech, Morocco
K. OUFDOU, Marrakech, Morroco
B. OUDRA, Marrakech, Morocco
H. OUHSSINE, Kenitra, Morocco
P. THONART, Gembloux, Belgium
A. ZINEDINE, Rabat, Morocco
J. L. VASEL, Arlon, Belgium