REMISE (Review of industrial sanitary and environmental microbiology) (ISSN 2018-0351) is a yearly peer-reviewed journal. REMISE publishes original contributions written either in English or French. A combination of rigor and quality are highly required in the submitted papers.
The targeted works should cover original and unpublished microbiological research on fungi, bacteria, archeobacteria, viruses and protozoa.
This microbiological research is conceived as varied, complementary and branched typology: industry, health, and environment.
In its industrial dimension REMISE strives to publish research results covering several themes among which:
Agro alimentary;
• Agriculture and horticulture;
• Pharmaceutical industry;
• Production of energy and the biomass;
• Molecular biology;
In the field of agro alimentary, REMISE aims at publishing of research results covering, for example, the characterisation of metabolic and microbial cellular activities (flavour agents, emulsifying agent, alcoholic and lactic fermentation…) interested in the microbiological control in different applications of biological and food industries; the study of microbial putrefaction phenomena and control of quality; the food problem having microbial origin; microbiological analysis methods etc;
Concerning agriculture and horticulture, REMISE privileges works that deal, for example, with soil microbiology, production of compost, OGM production vectors, herbicides, insecticides, plant hormones etc;
In the field of pharmaceutical industry, REMISE grants a special interest to research works on micro-organisms endowed with antibiotics, vitamins, other anti-tumour, immuno-suppressors and anti-inflammatory productions. The journal is also interested in works about new micro-organisms which are obtained following genetics experiments, and are able to synthesise molecules with pharmaceutical interest.
As for the energy production and the microbial biomass, REMISE is interested in research results that cover methods and techniques used in applied microbiology. In particular, fermentation for the production of biomass or primary and secondary metabolites (ethanol, methane, hydrogen…etc), as well as their extraction and purification methods;
Concerning molecular biology, REMISE has the ambition to publish research papers that use micro-organisms as cells hosts for the molecular cloning and deal also with the contribution of molecular biology to the industrial, sanitary and environmental sectors,
And last and not least for the ecology REMISE intends to publish research works that deal with microbial biodiversity and its impact on several domains (human and veterinary medicine, agriculture, food sciences … etc).
In its sanitary vocation REMISE encourages research results dealing with sanitary problems having microbial origin, epidemiology, food conservation, natural waters, air, processes wastewater treatment etc.
In the environment domain REMISE, focuses on works highlighting studies on natural habitats (cf ecology; biodiversity) and their interaction with the ecosystem.